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Committee for Cultural Affairs

The committee was founded in the year 2013 by college administration. Being headed by an Assistant Professor of Department of English and Cultural Studies, the committee not only looks after the preparations of Youth Festivals and other cultural events organized within and outside college premises but it also organizes Symposiums on the topics related to cultural politics like the politics of cultural consumption, cultural commodification, the advent and proliferation of Mall Culture in India, politics of popular games such as Indian Premier League etc. The committee organizes debates and essay writing competitions on various cultural issues. The committee strives to bring about awareness of the rich cultural heritage of India to the youth that is embracing western cultural practices at the coat of the nativist Indian culture. The secretary of the committee is the recipient of various prestigious awards such as Rolls of Honour in Cultural ActivitiesBest in English Reporting (University Level), and various awards of First Positions in Events such as SymposiumEssay Writing Competitions and Debates and has authored various research papers in the field of Cultural Studies.


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