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Expert's Lecture


Expert Lecture by Dr. Kushagra Rajendra , Faculty and coordinator, Amity School of Earth and Environmental Sciences on occasion of celebration of 'National Wildlife Week '


On the occasion of 'National Wildlife Week' celebration, Dr Kushagra delivered an expert lecture on "Importance of Wildlife"2017. He told that wildlife is playing an important role in keeping the balance of food web and other ecological cycles. He told that even the small birds, insects living around our houses and fields have very crucial role in our life. Cropping is not possible without proper contribution of such organism. He also warns against excessive use of chemical and plastic products, that harms our0 ecology.
Later, under his Nobel supervision, a visit of adjacent hilly trace has been done. He introduced us with many wild butterflies, bees, insects, birds etc.


An Expert Lecture by Prof. R. S. Hooda; Chief Scientist, Haryana Space Application Centre (HRSAC), Hisar, Haryana


A very thoughtful and enlightened talk has been delivered by Dr. R. S. Hooda of HARSAC on "Growing Importance of Remote Sensing" on 19 Feb. 2018. He also inaugurated the ISRO's' IIRS Outreach course on "Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Its Applications", run by Department of Geography of RPS College. Dr Hooda told that the use of remote sensing is increasing in every field of life. It becomes very necessary for to understand the basics of Remote Sensing techniques. He had given a wonderful presentation on it. He taught us about the role and possibilities of Remote sensing techniques in urban- rural planning to disaster management.


An Expert Lecture By Prof. R.S. Sangwan Head of Geography Department, Indira Gandhi University, Meerpur, Rewari, Haryana


In order to offer our students latest insights into the development of geography, Prof Sangwan is invited for a talk on ‘Geography in Contemporary Time’. He had given a thoughtful presentation on historic development of geography. He also discussed the emerging trend in contemporary geography. He stressed on importance of science and technology use in Geography. He suggested the audience to have special attention on Remote Sensing and GIS as it’s emerging as a core field in geographical studies.













An Expert Lecture by Prof. S. S. Yadav. K.L.P. College, Rewari, Haryana.


Prof. S.S.Yadav delivered a wonderful talk on “Career in Geography. He discussed the diverse subject matter of geography and point out the possibilities of career opportunities in various filed of geographical studies. He given the detail information about career oriented courses and associated institution in this regard. Deep understanding of Practical knowledge and good command over Remote Sensing & GIS work is suggested very crucial in career preparation process in geographical studies.


An Expert Lecture by Prof. Sachidanand Sinha: Centre for the Study of Regional Development, JNU, New Delhi


Prof Sinha delivered an insightful lecture on ‘Climate Change, Society and Government’ on world Ozone day 2019. He cautioned about change in climate and its consequence on society, particularly on vulnerable sections. He reminded the role of society/people in mitigation of hazard emerged by climate change. He also stressed on requirement of more serious effort for fulfilment of need of education and employment of people so that they could be turned into a capable citizen which will tackle the environmental issues more efficiently.














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