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General Instruction

1. Students coming from other boards/universities will have to submit their migration certificate before 15 December and they themselves will be responsible for getting the eligibility. So they must be aware of it. 500 rupees will be charged if the students deposit their migration after due date.
2. Students getting migration from other colleges will have to submit their attendance sheet and marks details within fifteen days.
3. According to IGU Meerpur, it is mandatory for every student to secure minimum 75% attendance to appear in the semester exam. Otherwise the students will not be allowed to sit in the exam.
4. If a student wants to migrate from this college, he will have to take permission from the university. Before leaving the college, the student must present acknowledgment letter from his parents or guardians. After that the principal shall allow for the migration. Before leaving he/she must submit all the dues remaining.
5. Under indispensable circumstances, any student can stop his studies. For that he will have to present an acknowledgment letter before the principal. The student will have to submit the fee of the entire month in which his/her name from the college is struck off. Only after that he may get his college leaving certificate.
6. Every male or female student must park their cycle, scooter, motor cycle, moped and other conveyance at their respective places. The students must lock their conveyance.
7. Students are provided with canteen facility in the college premises. Students can enjoy the facility by sitting at the provided space with decency and complacency. There is a separate space for girls to sit.
8. In the college campus there are notice boards for the students to get all information regarding college activities. It is the duty of the students to get updated with all upcoming or undergoing events and information.
9. If any unwanted student gets admission in the college by fraud, then the Principal can cancel his admission at any time and he has all rights to do that.
10. Those students whose names are not in the voter list; they can get form 6 from the college to get register for their voter I.D.


To Change Subjects Or Stream


Choose your subjects and stream with atmost attention at the time of admission. Generally, subjects/streams will not be changed in normal circumstances. Under unavoidable circumstances, subjects or streams can be changed within 30 days after the beginning of regular classes. If seats are vacant only then the concerned application will be considered. The charge for changing the subject will be 100 rupees and for stream it will be 200 rupees.


Monthly Examination

1. According to university guidelines, the students must appear in three class tests and submit one assignment.
2. The students who do not appear in the class tests or submit the assignments their financial help from the college shall be deduced. They can even be deprived of that.


Rules For Class Attendance

1. 75% attendance is mandatory for each student both in theory and practical subjects to appear in the university exams. Regarding every student must consult his class teacher regularly for his attendance.
2. If any student remains absent from the class continuously for five working days, then his name will be struck off from the college. To get readmission, the student must pay 500 rupees’ penalty and must get permission from the principal.
3. For genuine reasons, under the following conditions, the principal can pardon the absentees.
(a) If any student with prior permission from the Principal takes part in regional / inter-regional / inter university / state level sports competitions.
(b) If any student participates in regional / inter-regional / inter-university youth festival.
(c) If any student takes part in speech competition / declamation with prior permission from the principal, then he or she will be granted leave only for that particular period during which he participates in the event. His absence must not be more than two days in the whole session.


Rules Related To Be On Leave

1. Before availing leave the student will have to take permission from the concerned official on a prescribed application form duly signed by the parents or guardians.
2. Students will have to pay 5 rupees per day per period if they remain absent from the class.
3. If a student takes leave due to illness or ailment, he or she must produce medical proof.


Necessary Disciplinary Guidelines


It will be the necessary duty of the college students that they follow discipline in college campus. The college professors will cooperate and guide the students. The college administration will not hesitate to take strict action against anti-social elements and in disciplinary acts. It is expected from the parents also that they cooperate with college administration to maintain discipline in the college campus. To maintain discipline in the college campus, each student will have to follow the following model codes of conduct: -

1. During college time, the students must wear the identity cards otherwise it will be considered an act of indiscipline.
2. During lecture hours, it is prohibited to walk, talk or to make a group to disturb the classes.
3. It is punishable offence to harm the college property or other assets. If any student is found guilty of such an offence, then he/she will have to compensate for the loss. Moreover, he/she will be punished and his name will be struck off from the college.
4. Students must not harm the natural greenery in college campus.
5. Students must not write or depict anything offensive on walls or black boards in college campus.
6. All the anti-social acts like drinking, playing cards, or gambling are prohibited and considered punishable offence in the college campus.
7. It is expected from the students that they must not bring any outsider in college campus.
8. Prior permission is required from the principal to organize any party or any celebration in the college campus.
9. It is prohibited to take any vehicle to forbidden place in college campus. The students shall park their vehicles at the proper place. Strict action will be taken if rules are ignored.
10. Any student can be expelled/rusticated or he may face compulsory Migration under the following circumstances: - a) Misbehave with any teacher or any employee b) Misbehave with any girl student c) For creating violent activities in college campus d) For stealing college property or harming any asset e) For participating in any strike or for inciting any other to participate. f) For bringing any explosive material or using it in the college campus.
11. If any student indulges in any misbehavior or in disciplinary acts, then all the facilities given by the college or government shall be terminated. Moreover, he will be fined 500 Rs. as penalty.
12. A student with bad behavior will not be given any character certificate. If he gets a job anywhere, then his character certificate (which will come to the principal through police) will be commented negatively.
13. Instructions Regarding Ragging: - According to the honorable Supreme Court (SC) ragging is legally prohibited in all educational institutes. If any student is found indulged in any such activity like creating fear among junior students, using abusive words etc. then he will be fined 500 Rs. and appropriate action will be taken against him.
14. Smoking is Prohibited: - Smoking is prohibited in the college campus. Strict action will be taken against those who do not follow this rule.
15. To carry mobile phones or using them is strictly prohibited in the college campus. 500 Rs. shall be charged on first violation and the mobile phone shall be confiscated on second violation.


Library Rules


The following are some compulsory rules related to library: -

1. Each student will be provided with two library cards and one identity card.
2. The students will immediately inform the librarian if the library card is lost.
3. If a student misplaces his identity card, then he will be fined 100 Rupees and if his library card is lost, then he will be fined ten rupees.
4. Students will be issued books for 15 days.
5. If any student loses any book of library, he will have to pay the full price as per latest edition or he will have to submit a second copy of that book.
6. Full amount will have to be paid if a student tears or spoils any book.
7. One rupee each day will have to be paid as penalty if a student carries the book after due date.
8. It is expected from the students that they maintain silence in the library.
9. Smoking and spitting is prohibited inside the library.
10. ‘No Dues’ Certificate will have to be taken if a student leaves the college, appears in university exam or gets his security fund back from the college.
11. If the librarian requires some particular book for some urgent reasons, then the student will have to submit the book.

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